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A little about me

About Me.

A qualified architect by trade, turned Professional Triathlete, YouTuber, entrepreneur, Teacher and Coach. 


I’ve been an elite athlete most of my life, but have also had a passion for helping others. I try and channel this through passing on my experience in creative, visual and practical ways​

Quick Facts

🇬🇬 Born in Guernsey Channel Islands 1993

🏊🏻 Have been an elite swimmer my whole life 

🏛️ Studied Architecture at Cardiff University

🧑🏼‍🏫 Teach Architecture at Cardiff University

♵ Became a full time Professional Triathlete in 2018

🏃🏻‍♂️ Set up Entire Performance Coaching 2019

📹 Started my youtube channel in 2020

🏆 First Pro Podiums in 2023

My Journey From Student to Triathlete



Guernsey CI

Born and bred in Guernsey was where I became an elite swimmer competing for Guernsey in the youth commonwealth games and 4 Island Games. 


Cardiff University

Studying architecture for the full 7 years taught me a lot in time management and juggling a profession alongside elite sport. It spurred on my love for creation and has enabled me to become more of a businessman in the present, having created my own company and developed my personal brand through my socials and youtube channel which I upload to weekly. 


Professional Triathlete

Cardiff NTPCW

I turned to Triathlon in 2017 whilst working for a top architectural firm in London. This is where I managed to qualify for my first Commonwealth Games for Triathlon, and haven't looked back since. Now a Pro, I've seen huge progress, culminating in having competed in my second Commonwealth Games, winning the Island Games for my second time, and achieving my first two pro podiums in 70.3.


Teacher and Lecturer

Cardiff University

I have a passion for helping others, and I channel this in a few different ways. One of them is teaching architecture at Cardiff university. Being a fully qualified architect hasn't gone to waste! 


Entire Performance Coaching


Alongside Triathlon and teaching, I have also co-founded a coaching business alongside Iestyn Harrett, where I'm able to build the brand and help foster a community, utilising the skills I learned during my architectural studies. 

This has nurtured my interest in content creation, that has led to creating a youtube channel as well as this blog and newsletter. 

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