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Why The Blog

What is this all about?

I'm not entirely sure what direction these musings will go in... but I intend to give a bit of an insight into the weekly rollercoaster that is professional triathlon as well as a look into the bits and pieces that I do outside of the training environment.

Of course, there is always the Vlog or Youtube channel you can delve into something more visual. However, I intend on keeping these posts pretty short and sweet... as I already have plenty on my plate as it is. After all, us triathletes tend to try and cram in as much as possible into our available time, so why not add something else in.

Why another one?!

So I guess that begs the question as to why add something else into the mix when i'm already near full capacity with work, life and training? I guess it's another outlet or interest of mine... to create.

As you may or may not already know, i'm from an architectural background, having done the 7 year slog that is architectural education, i'm now a fully fledged architect. I am however not currently pursing architecture in the traditional sense... I instead teach at the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff University... Which tickles that itch.

Obviously I enjoyed architecture, otherwise I wouldn't have done the 7 years, but coming to the end of my education, I wanted to pursue professional triathlon instead. Curve ball. So in order to fund my triathlon ambitions, I tutor part time (alongside sponsorship)... which almost satisfies my creative ambitions... but not quite.

I obviously wasn't quite keeping as much creativity in my life as I wanted, so ended up cofounding Entire, creating a brand and using a lot of skills that I learned studying architecture that I can now put to use. The creation of Entire has opened up a lot of other skillsets that i'm interested in... writing being another of those.

I'll go into more at a later date.

How I Intend on Delivering

As previously mentioned... I'll try and keep these posts short and sweet. So i'll start to wrap this one up.

I want to keep it to at least one post per week, covering triathlon, architecture and my general life in and around sport. It may just be somewhere I rant about the frustrations i'm facing as an athlete, teacher or human in my late 20's, who worries about how he currently funds his life and that at some point needs to have a responsible job and sustainable living situation going forward.

Anyway ... if any of this sounds as though it would be of interest, then just subscribe below and it should update you whenever I post... Sundays? Hopefully.


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